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HPSSC Junior Office Assistant (IT) Solved Question Paper 2022 - Part-2

HPSSC JOA (IT) Solved Question Paper 2022  Q.51 . Dynamic RAM consumes ______ power and is ______ as compared to static RAM. (A) less, slower               (B) more, faster (C) less, faster                 (D) more, slower Ans. (D) Q.52 . CMOS is a small amount of memory on a computer motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. What is the full form of CMOS? (A) Cache Memory Operated System (B) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (C) Common Machine Operating System (D) Computer Memory On Semiconductor Ans. (B) Q.53 . When power of a computer is turned on, a diagnostic test is carried out to check the keyboard, RAM, disk drives and other hardware. This test is known as (A) POST                                    (B) REST (C) BIOS                                     (D) CMOS Ans. (A) Q.54 . Which comprises of a series of RAM integrated circuits that can be installed in the motherboard’s memory slots? (A) DIMM                       (B) NIC (C)