HPSSC Junior Office Assistant (IT) Solved Question Paper 2022 - Part-4

HPSSC JOA (IT) Solved Question Paper 2022 

Q.151. Which of the following is a feature common to both the Indian Federation and American Federation?

(A) A single citizenship   

(B) Dual judiciary

(C) Three lists in the Constitution

(D) A federal Supreme Court in interpret the Constitution

Ans. (D)

Q.152. Which is not specially mentioned in Article 19 of the Constitution?

(A) Freedom of speech and expression

(B) Freedom to assemble peacefully without arms

(C) Freedom to move freely

(D) Freedom to the press

Ans. (D)

Q.153. What is the minimum age to become a Raja Sabha mem

(A) 21 years                   (B) 25 years

(C) 30 years                   (D) 35 years

Ans. (C)

Q.154. When a financial  emergency is proclaimed

(A) repayment of government debts will stop

(B) payment of salaries to public servants will be postponed

(C) salaries and allowances of any class of employees may be reduced 

(D) Union budget will not be presented

Ans. (C)

Q.155. Nationalisation of banks was done with the purpose of 

(A) financing of industries

(B) improving credit facilities

(C) consolidating the economy

(D) improving security of deposits

Ans. (C)

Q.156. An indirect instrument of monetary policy is

(A) Statutory Liquidity Ration

(B) Cash Reserve Ratio

(C) Bank Rate                

(D) Open Market Operations

Ans. (D)

Q.157. The lowest layer of Atmosphere is

(A) Troposphere                        

(B) Stratosphere

(C) Ionosphere              

(D) Mesosphere

Ans. (A)

Q.158. Which is a metamorphic rock?

(A) Limestone                (B) Granite

(C) Basalt                       (D) Marble

Ans. (D)

Q.159. A stretch of sea water, partly or fully separated by a narrow strip from the main sea is called

(A) Bay                          (B) Isthmus

(C) Lagoon                    (D) Strait

Ans. (C)

Q.160. Indian desert is known as

(A) Gobi                                    (B) Sahara

(C) Thar                                     (D) Atacama

Ans. (C)

Q.161. “Loktak” is a

(A) River                        (B) Valley

(C) Mountain Range       (D) Lake

Ans. (D)

Q.162. Which of the following area of Indian subcontinent becomes the area of low pressure in summer?

(A) Rann of Kutch          

(B) Rajasthan

(C) North Western India 

(D) Meghalaya

Ans. (C)

Q.163. The ‘Valley of Flowers’ is located in which state?

(A) H.P.                          (B) U.P.

(C) Sikkim                      (D) Uttarakhand

Ans. (D)

Q.164. ‘Mumbai High’ is related to

(A) Petroleum                (B) Iron

(C) Tomb                       (D) Jute

Ans. (A)

Q.165. Respiration process requires

(A) Oxygen                    

(B) Water

(C) Heat                                    

(D) Sunlight

Ans. (A)

Q.166. The large amount of sugar present in human blood is

(A) Sucrose                    (B) Glucose

(C) Fructose                   (D) Lactose

Ans. (B)

Q.167. Persons suffering from myopia are advised to use+

(A) Convex lens              (B) Concave lens

(C) Plano-Concave lens   (D) Plano-Convex lens

Ans. (B)

Q.168. The device used to change the speed of an electric fan is

(A) Amplifier                  (B) Regulator

(C) Switch                      (D) Rectifier

Ans. (B)

Q.169. Chemically Lime water is

(A) Calcium Carbonate    (B) Sodium Hydroxide

(C) Calcium Hydroxide    (D) Sodium Carbonate

Ans. (C)

Q.170. Which is metal is protected by the layer of its own oxide?

(A) Silver                       (B) Calcium

(C) Iron                         (D) Aluminum

Ans. (D)

Q.171. Spiti and Kinnaur are sparated from Tibet by which mountain range?

(A) Dhauladhar              (B) Zanskar

(C) Choordhar               (D) Shiwalik

Ans. (B)

Q.172. Hangrang velley is located in which district of HP?

(A) Kinnaur                    

(B) Sirmaur

(C) Kullu                                    

(D) Lahaul-Spiti

Ans. (A)

Q.173. Which is the largest river in HP?

(A) Satlej                       (B) Beas

(C) Chenab                    (D) Yamuna

Ans. (C)

Q.174. By which name Himachal is introduced on the tourism map?

(A) Shiv Bhoomi             (B) Apple Land

(C) Peach Bowl               (D) Devbhoomi

Ans. (B)

Q.175. Shitidhar is located in which district of HP?

(A) Kullu                        (B) Mandi

(C) Kangra                     (D) Chamba

Ans. (A)

Q.176. First Deputy Speaker of HP Vidhan Sabha was

(A) Krishan Chander       

(B) K.L. Mehta

(C) NC Nandi                 

(D) Pandit Jaiwant Ram

Ans. (A)

Q.177. Who was the Chairman of joint meeting of Shimla Hill States rulers and Praja Mandal representatives held in January 1948 at Solan?

(A) Durga Singh                         

(B) Anand Chand

(C) Vijay Singh               

(D) Garur Sen

Ans. (A)

Q.178. When did a popular Minister headed by Dr. Y.S. Parmar assume office in the Part ‘C’ state of HP?

(A) 24th March, 1948       (B) 24th March, 1950

(C) 24th March, 1952       (D) 24th March, 1954

Ans. (C)

Q.179. Which Sikh Guru is lined with the Paonta Sahib Gurudwara?

(A) Guru Nanak              (B) Guru Arjun Dev

(C) Guru Tegh Bahadur   (D) Guru Govind Singh

Ans. (D)

Q.180. Who is the creator of the Murals on the walls of the Mall, Shimla that depict the apple plucking skill of Himachali people?

(A) S.N. Roerich                         (B) Shobha Singh

(C) M.C. Saxena             (D) None of these

Ans. (C)

Q.181. Which Kangra ruler accepted the rule of Akbar?

(A) Alam Chand              (B) Dheer Chand

(C) Anand Chand            (D) Dhram Chand

Ans. (D)

Q.182. On what date did the Indian Parliament pass the State of Himachal Pradesh Act?

(A) 1st November, 1966   

(B) 18th December, 1970

(C) 26th November, 1969            

(D) 15th April, 1954

Ans. (B)

Q.183. They Keyang, Bakyang and Banyangchu are the famous dances of

(A) Mandi                      (B) Kullu

(C) Lahaul-Spiti              (D) Kinnaur

Ans. (D)

Q.184. In which year the target of total electrification was achieved in H.P.?

(A) 1985                                    (B) 1988

(C) 1990                                    (D) 1995

Ans. (B)

Q.185. Who received the first Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram award in 1989?

(A) Jai Dev Kiran                        (B) Om Prakash Saraswat

(C) Ashwani Garg                       (D) Pt. Bhavani Dutt

Ans. (A)

Q.186. European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN has recently suspended the observer status of which country?

(A) Russia                      (B) Ukraine

(C) Belarus                     (D) USA

Ans. (A)

Q.187. Theme of National Youth Parliament Festival 2022?

(A) Be the voice of New India and find solutions and contribute to policy

(B) Voice of Youth matters

(C) E-Governance and use of ICT

(D) Participation of Women in Parliament

Ans. (A)

Q.188. What is ‘PARAM Ganga’, which was in news recently?

(A) Covid vaccine          

(B) Ganga Rejuvenation Scheme

(C) Super Computer      

(D) Crypto Currency

Ans. (C)

Q.189. Which country is the largest crude oil producer in the world as on 2022?

(A) Russia                      (B) USA

(C) Saudi Arabia             (D) Iran

Ans. (B)

Q.190. In a certain code SUBSTITUTION is written as ITSBUSNOITUT. How is DISTRIBUTION written in that code?



Ans. (A)

Q.191. In a row of 24 students when Janki was shifted by 4 places towards left, she became 8th from the left end . What was her earlier position from the right end of the row?

(A) 12th                          (B) 13th

(C) 14th                          (D) 15th

Ans. (B)

Q.192. Pointing to women in a photograph a man says, ‘she is the only daughter of my father’s mother-in-law’. How is the woman related to the man?

(A) daughter                  (B) mother

(C) daughter-in-law        (D) mother-in-law

Ans. (B)

Q.193. Antonym of the word ‘Despondency’ is

(A) Humility                    (B) Pleasure

(C) Cheerfulness             (D) Excitement

Ans. (C)

Q.194. One word Substitution for ‘Constant effort to achieve something’ is

(A) Perseverance            (B) Attempt

(C) Enthusiasm               (D) Vigour

Ans. (B)

Q.195. Ajit promised me that he would come ____ did not turn up.

(A) and                          (B) though

(C) but                          (D) still

Ans. (C)

Q.196. Meaning of the idiom ‘to keep the ball rolling’ is

(A) To earn more & more          

(B) To create  chaos

(C) To change the sorry scheme

(D) to keep the conversation going

Ans. (D)

Q.197. सुरेश का संधि विच्छेद है?

(A) सु: + ईश                    (B) सुर + इश्क़

(C) सुर + ईश                   (D) सु: + इश      

Ans. (C)

Q.198. सुलक्षण में समास है

(A) तत्पुरुष                      (B) द्वंद

(C) अव्ययीभाव                 (D) बहुव्रीहि                    

Ans. (A)

Q.199. चोरी में प्रत्यय है

(A)                              (B) चो

(C) री                             (D)                 

Ans. (D)

Q.200. कौशल का पर्यायवाची है

(A) पाटव                                    

(B) श्रवण

(C) पयोधर                     

(D) मृदु              

Ans. (A)

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