HPSSC - Computer Operator (Post Code 812) Solved Question Paper held on 10 April 2021

Computer Operator

Post Code 812 held on 10 April 2021


1. In Himachal Pradesh area under forests is?

(A) 37033 km2             (B) 38567 km2

(C) 39743 km2             (D) 41567 km2

Ans. (A)

2. Population density (per. Sq. km) of Himachal Pradesh as per census 2011 is?

(A) 109           (B) 114

(C) 119            (D) 123

Ans. (D)

3. Himachal Pradesh became part ‘C’ state in which year?

(A) 1950           (B) 1951

(C) 1954            (D) 1966

Ans. (B)

4. Largest district of Himachal Pradesh (areawise) is

(A) Chamba               (B) Kinnaur

(C) Lahaul-Spiti        (D) Kangra

Ans. (C)

5. Dehar is a tributary of which river of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Yamuna          (B) Beas

(C) Ravi               (D) Chenab

Ans. (B)

6. Rupa valley is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Kinnaur           (B) Mandi

(C) Kullu                (D) Sirmaur

Ans. (A)

7. The first capital of Kehlur dominion of Himachal Pradesh was located at which place?

(A) Bilaspur             (B) Ghumarwi

(C) Naina Devi        (D) Haripur

Ans. (C)

8. The last ruler of Jaswan princely state of Himachal Pradesh was

(A) Umed Singh        (B) Puran Singh

(C) Dalip Singh         (D) Ajit SIngh

Ans. (A)

9. Subathu was founded in which year?

(A) 1835 AD           (B) 1841 AD

(C) 1847 AD            (D) 1857 AD

Ans. (B)

10. Mahasugarh fort is located at which place in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Jubbal         (B) Nalagarh

(C) Pooh           (D) Sujanpur

Ans. (A)

11. During which expedition Mehmood Ghaznavi plundered The Kangra fort?

(A) Jubbal                             (B) Nalagarh

(C) Pooh                                (D) Sujanpur

Ans. (A)

12. Andhra hydroelectric project is constructed on which river?

(A) Yamuna                         (B) Satluj

(C) Chenab                           (D) Ravi

Ans. (A)

13. Abhilashi University is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Shimala                          (B) Solan

(C) Sirmour                           (D) Mandi

Ans. (D)

14. In Hinachal Pradesh Ghooghati is a?

(A) Lake                                (B) River

(C) Glacier                             (D) Folk Dance

Ans. (D)

15. Markanda fair is celebrated at which place in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) Nurpur                             (B) Pragpur

(C) Jhukhala                         (D) Manali

Ans. (C)

16. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently been conferred with the ‘Legion of Merit’ honour by which country?

(A) Russia                             (B) United States

(C) United Kingdom            (D) UAE

Ans. (B)

17. The Indian cricket team scored its lowest ever total in Test Cricket recently against which team?

(A) England                          (B) Australia

(C) Sri Lanka                        (D) South Africa

Ans. (B)

18. ASTRA MK-1 Missile, IMSAS and BOSS system, which were recently handled over to the Armed Foces, were developed by which organisation?

(A) DRDO                             (B) OFB

(C) BEL                 (D) HAL

Ans. (A)

19.Which Country recently offered official recognition to Yogasana as a competitive sport?

(A) Sri Lanka                        (B) Myanmar

(C) Singapore                       (D) India

Ans. (D)

20. In a certain code language, ‘3a, 2b, 7c’ means ‘truth is eternal, ‘7c, 9a, 8b, 3a’ means ‘enmity is not eternal’ and ‘4d, 2b, 8b’ means ‘truth does not’, Which of the following means ‘enmity’ in that language?

(A) 3a                                     (B) 7c

(C) 8b                                     (D) 9a

Ans. (D)

21. Which is different from the rest?

(A) 51                                     (B) 61

(C) 41                                     (D) 31

Ans. (A)

22. Which is the wrong term in the number series?

2, 10, 50, 500, 1000

(A) 2                                       (B) 10

(C) 50                                     (D) 1000

Ans. (D)

23. Missing terms in the letter series?

a_c b_ _ b c_ c a b c b _

(A) aaccb                              (B) baaca

(C) bcabc                              (D) aaaab

Ans. (C)

24. Which is not a Indus valley site?

(A) Ropar                              (B) Chanhudaro

(C) Daimabad                      (D) Chennai

Ans. (D)

25. Which is called ‘Amitrochates’ by Greeks?

(A) Chandragupta Maurya               (B) Bindusar

(C) Bimbisar                                         (D) Ashoka

Ans. (B)

26. Which Delhi Sultan introduced the system of ‘Dagh’ & ‘Chehra’?

(A) Alauddin Khilji              (B) Balban

(C) Ibrahim Lohdi               (D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Ans. (A)

27. Mirabai married to which of the following?

(A) Yashraj                           (B) Kalraj

(C) Deshraj                           (D) Bhojraj

Ans. (D)

28. Which was the annexed in 1856 on charge of maladministration?

(A) Awadh                            (B) Satara

(C) Jhansi                              (D) Kanpur

Ans. (A)

29. Brahmo Samaj was founded by

(A) Swami Vivekananda

(B) Dayanand Saraswati

(C) Raja Rammohan Roy

(D) Ram Krishna Paramhansa

Ans. (C)

30. ‘Free Hindustan’ was work of which of the following?

(A) Taraknath Das              (B) Shyamji Krishna Verma

(C) S.N. Bannerjee              (D) R.C. Dutt

Ans. (A)

31. Nikhil Ghosh is associated with which musical instrument?

(A) Mridangam                    (B) Kanjira

(C) Tabla                               (D) Flute

Ans. (C)

32. Which is the nearest planet to Sun?

(A) Mercury                          (B) Venus

(C) Earth                               (D) Mars

Ans. (A)

33. What is the approximate percentage of Oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere?

(A) 78%                 (B) 21%

(C) 1%                                   (D) None of these

Ans. (B)

34. Which cloud has greatest vertical extent?

(A) Cumulus                         (B) Stratus

(C) Nimo-Stratus (D) Strato-Cumulus

Ans. (A)

35. Which is the hightest peak of Australia?

(A) Mt. Koscuisko               (B) Mt. El’brus

(C) Vinson Massif               (D) Mt. Aconcagua

Ans. (A)

36. Which river originates from Brahmgiri range in Western Ghat?

(A) Mahanadi                      (B) Godavari

(C) Krishna                           (D) Cauveri

Ans. (D)

37. Which is not a fibre crop?

(A) Tobacco                         (B) Silk

(C) Jute                                  (D) Cotton

Ans. (A)

38. Which Schedule of Indian Constitution deals with allocation of seats in The Rajya Saba?

(A) First                  (B) Second

(C) Third                  (D) Fourth

Ans. (D)

39. Right to Equality is a

(A) Legal right

(B) Political right

(C) Fundamental right

(D) Directive Principle of State policy

Ans. (C)

40. In playing sitar, mechanical energy changes into?

(A) Electrical energy            (B) Light energy

(C) Chemical energy           (D) None of these

Ans. (D)

41. Which is used in photography?

(A) Citric acid                       (B) Malic acid

(C) Oxalic acid                     (D) Tartaric acid

Ans. (C)

42. Small Pox is caused by

(A) Fungus                            (B) Bacteria

(C) Protozoa                         (D) Virus

Ans. (D)

43. Antonym of ‘Asceticism’ is

(A) Bliss                 (B) Pleasure

(C) Joy                                   (D) Trance

Ans. (B)

44. One word substitution for ‘A person who regards the whole world as his country’ is

(A) Patriot                             (B) Nationalist

(C) Cosmopolitan                (D) Metropolitan

Ans. (C)

45. I suggest that the meeting _____ postponed?

(A) is                                       (B) would be

(C) be                                     (D) would have been

Ans. (C)

46. Meaning of the idiom/phrase ’Hard pressed’ is

(A) Bewildered                     (B) Insulted

(C) Hard discipline              (D) In difficulties

Ans. (D)

47. 'महोत्सव' का संधि विच्छेद है?

(A) महो + सव                  (B) महो: + सव

(C) महा: + सव                 (D) महा + उत्सव

Ans. (D)

48. 'नेत्रहीन' में समास है

(A) तत्पुरुष                      (B) द्वंद

(C) बहुव्रीहि                      (D) अव्ययीभाव

Ans. (A)

49. "विश्वास" का विशेषण है

(A) विश्वस्नीय                     (B) विश्वासपात्र

(C) विश्वस्त                       (D) विश्वासहीन

Ans. (C)

50. ‘दिन का पर्यायवाची है

(A) वासर                         (B) द्विज

(C) पयोधर                       (D) उदक

Ans. (A)

51. Which is the act of using emails and social media for tricking the users into revealing their sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details etc.?

(A) Phishing                          (B) Hacking

(C) Injection                         (D) Cyber Bullying

Ans. (A)

52. Which of the following storage media use LASER beam for read and write operations?

(A) Solid State Disk             (B) Floppy Disc

(C) Hard Disk                       (D) CD-ROM

Ans. (D)

53. The CPU uses repeating machine cycles consisting of ____ to execute instructions in the program one by one.

(A) fetch, store, execute

(B) store, decode, execute

(C) fetch, decode, store

(D) fetch, decode, execute

Ans. (D)

54. What are the different classifications of computer’s organization according to Flynn taxonomy?


(B) Mini, Micro and Mainframe

(C) Pipelined and Parallel


Ans. (A)

55. The terms hit and miss are associated with which of the following?

(A) CD-ROM                        (B) cache memory

(C) Primary memory           (D) hard disks

Ans. (B)

56. In which of the following storage media the data bits are stored spiral track?

(A) CD-ROM                        (B) Flash Drive

(C) Floppy Dsic                    (D) Hard Disk

Ans. (A)

57. The control units are implemented using two approaches known as micro programmed control and _____ control?

(A) Interrupt-driven             (B) hardwired

(C) DMA                               (D) SPOOL

Ans. (B)

58. How many bits are required to address a 4M X 16 main memory in byte-addressable mode?

(A) 24                                     (B) 22

(C) 26                                     (D) 28

Ans. (C)

59. In the _____ addressing mode, the operand value is the part of the instruction.

(A) Direct                               (B) register

(C) Immediate                     (D) Indirect

Ans. (C)

60. The _____ locality of reference is based on the accessed items tend to be accessed again in the near future.

(A) random                           (B) sequential

(C) temporal                         (D) spatial

Ans. (C)

61. Which of the following is not a technical specification for a printer?

(A) Duplexing                       (B) Aspect Ratio

(C) DPI                                  (D) PPM

Ans. (B)

62. Which of the following is not a unit for measuring CPU speed?

(A) TWIPS                            (B) MIPS

(C) GHz                 (D) FLOPS

Ans. (A)

63. There is a table called ‘employee’ having columns emp_code, emp_name, deptt, gender, salary. Which of the following is the correct SQL query to find the maximum salary in all female employees?

(A) SELECT MAX (salary) FROM employee WHERE gender=‘FEMALE’

(B) SELECT MAX (salary) FROM employee IF gender=’FEMALE’

(C) SELECT MAX (salary) FROM employee WITH gender=’FEMALE’

(D) SELECT MAX (salary) FROM employee HAVING gender=’FEMALE’

Ans. (A)

64. Which of the following is not a relational database management system?

(A) SQL-Server                     (B) MySQL

(C) MongoDB                      (D) Oracle

Ans. (C)

65. Which of the following is correct SQL command to list all the departments all the average salaries for which the average salary is more than 20000?

(A) SLEECT department, AVG (salary) FROM employee GROUP BY department WITH AVG (salary) > 20000

(B) SLEECT department, AVG (salary) FROM employee GROUP BY department HAVING AVG (salary) > 20000

(C) SLEECT department, AVG (salary) FROM employee GROUP BY department WHERE AVG (salary) > 20000

(D) SLEECT department, AVG (salary) FROM employee GROUP BY department IF AVG (salary) > 20000

Ans. (B)

66. Which of the following is not a standard integrity constraint in relational database?

(A) PRIMARY KEY                            (B) UNIQUE

(C) CANDIDATE KEY                       (D) NOT NULL

Ans. (C)

67. which of the following is a “Transaction Control Language” SQL command?

(A) GRANT                           (B) COMMIT

(C) ALTER                           (D) SELECT

Ans. (B)

68. Which is the values of (1101101)2 in decimal number system?

(A) 117                                  (B) 109

(C) 119                                  (D) 131

Ans. (B)

69. Which logic gate is represented by the symbol shown below?


(A) AND                                (B) NAND

(C) OR                                   (D) NOR

Ans. (C)

70. Which is the value of (96.25)10 in binary number system?

(A) (1100100.01)2                       (B) (1100000.001)2

(C) (1100000.01)2                       (D) (1110000.011)2

Ans. (C)

71. Which logic operation is represented by the following truth table?
















(A) XOR                                (B) NAND

(C) OR                                   (D) AND

Ans. (B)

72. A _________ is a combinational logic circuit that has 2n input lines, n selector lines and one output line.

(A) decoder                           (B) flip-flop

(C) Counter                           (D) multiplexer

Ans. (D)

73. What is the binary representation of (-37)10 in 2’s complement representation?

(A) 10100101                       (B) 11011011

(C) 10110111                       (D) 11000101

Ans. (B)

74. What is the excess-3 representation of (90)10?

(A) 11000011                       (B) 10100011

(C) 11000001                       (D) 10100001

Ans. (A)

75. Which of the following is not a valid number in octal number system?

(A) (101)8                                              (B) (210)8

(C) (756)8                                              (D) (786)8

Ans. (D)

76. What is 9’s compliment of 587?

(A) 523                                  (B) 421

(C) 313                                  (D) 412

Ans. (D)

77. Which of the following bit-wise operations has the same effect as multiplication by 2?

(A) Left shift by one bit position

(B) Rotate right by one bit position

(C) Right shift with one bit position

(D) XOR with 2

Ans. (A)

78. Which logic gate is represented by the truth table shown below?
















(A) AND                                (B) OR

(C) XOR                                (D) NAND

Ans. (C)

79. What is the Boolean expression represented by the K-Map shown below?

(A) XOR                                (B) NOR

(C) AND                                (D) NAND

Ans. (A)

80. Which logic gate is realized in the circuit using NAND logic shown below?

(A) AND                                (B) NOR

(C) OR                                   (D) XOR

Ans. (C)

81. A step-by-step description of the method for solving a computational problem is called

(A) a program                       (B) an algorithm

(C) a data flow diagram     (D) a flowchart

Ans. (B)

82. Which of the following is a sorting algorithm?

(A) Pre-order                         (B) Binary sort

(C) Bubble sort                     (D) Shuffle sort

Ans. (C)

83. What does the flowchart shown below compute?

(A) Factorial of n

(B) Sum of even natural numbers less than n

(C) Sum of odd natural numbers less than n

(D) Sum of first n natural; numbers

Ans. (C)

84. How will you make some text bold in a whatsapp message?

(A) By enclosing the text inside <b> and </b>

(B) By typing a ‘*’ before and after the text

(C) By enclosing the text inside a pair of ‘@’

(D) By enclosing the text inside a pair of ‘#’

Ans. (B)

85. The user name of a twitter account is also known as

(A) handle                             (B) hashing

(C) mention                          (D) tweet

Ans. (A)

86. Which of the following is an Indian mobile payment App based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)?

(A) BHIM                             (B) DigiLocker

(C) ATAL                              (D) ARJUN

Ans. (A)

87. Which of the following is a popular voice assistant developed by Amazon?

(A) Alexa                               (B) Cortana

(C) Teneo                              (D) Siri

Ans. (A)

88. Who among the following designed ‘’Difference Engine’ and ‘Analytical Engine’?

(A) Howard Aiken               (B) Charles Babbage

(C) John Mauchly               (D) Allan Turing

Ans. (B)

89. Who among the following proposed the concept of “Stored Program Execution”?

(A) Tim Berners-Lee           (B) Allan Turing

(C) Bob Kahn                       (D) John von Neumann

Ans. (D)

90. How many bytes are there in one terabyte?

(A) 240                                                       (B) 220

(C) 210                                                       (D) 230

Ans. (A)

91. What is the full form of ‘QR Code’?

(A) Quartz Readable Code

(B) Quick Readable Code

(C) Quick Rectangular Code

(D) Quick Response Code

Ans. (D)

92. What is the name of the customer that defeated the world champion Gray Kasparov in chess in 1997?

(A) Intel Paragon (B) IBM Summit

(C) IBM Deep Blue             (D) Cray Titan

Ans. (C)

93. Which of the following software is used for image editing?

(A) Microsoft Word             (B) Microsoft Outlook

(C) Microsoft Paint             (D) Microsoft PowerPoint

Ans. (C)

94. What is the full form of MPEG?

(A) Multimedia & Pictures Experts Group

(B) Moving Pictures Experts Group

(C) Multimedia & Photographs Experts Group

(D) Motion Picture Experts Group

Ans. (D)

95. An inch is equal to _____ points?

(A) 48                                     (B) 96

(C) 24                                     (D) 72

Ans. (D)

96. Which of the following is a vector graphics format?

(A) BMP                                (B) SVG

(C) JPEG                                (D) GIF

Ans. (B)

97. Which of the following is not a selection tool in Adobe Photoshop?

(A) Clone                               (B) Lasso

(C) Magic Wand                  (D) Rectangular

Ans. (A)

98. Which of the following is not a valid URL?

(A) http://www/mywebsite.com/index.html@topicl

(B) http://www.mywebsite.com/index.html?topic=1

(C) http://www.mywebsite.com/index.html#topic1

(D) http://www.mywebsite.com:8080/index.html

Ans. (A)

99. Which of the following is the correct CSS rule for changing the text color of all <p> elements in the document to blue?

(A) <p> {color:blue;}          (B) #p {color:blue;}

(C) p {color:blue;}               (D) .p{color:blue;}

Ans. (C)

100. How can you override the value of some CSS property for an HTML element defined in an external style sheet?

(A) By redefining the property using inline CSS

(B) By clearing all the cookies

(C) By redefining the property using internal CSS

(D) The property cannot be overwritten

Ans. (A)

101. Which is the outermost layer in the CSS box model?

(A) margin                             (B) border

(C) content                            (D) padding

Ans. (A)

102. Which of the following is not a valid for the border-style CSS property?

(A) solid                 (B) dotted

(C) dashed                            (D) line

Ans. (D)

103. Which of the following HTML tags is used to create a dropdown list in an HTML form?

(A) <nav>                              (B) <ol>

(C) <select>                           (D) <fieldset>

Ans. (C)

104. Which of the following attributes must be defined in an <input> element in HTML form to ensure that it is not left blank?

(A) filled                                (B) required

(C) valid                                (D) mandatory

Ans. (B)

105. What is the CSS property name to make round corners for a <div> element?

(A) border-corner (B) border-curve

(C) border-radius (D) border-rounded

Ans. (C)

106. Which of the following is the correct HTML tag to create a list with capital Roman numbering?

(A) <ol type=”I”>                (B) <ol type=”O”>

(C) <ol type=”N“>               (D) <ol type=”R”>

Ans. (A)

107. Which generation of computer systems replaced vacuum tubes with transistors?

(A) Fifth                 (B) Second

(C) Third                                (D) Fourth

Ans. (B)

108. How can you navigate to text and previous cells of a table in MS-Word?

(A) Tab and Alt+Tab          (B) Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P

(C) Tab and Ctrl+Tab         (D) Tab and Shift+Tab

Ans. (D)

109. Which of the following is not a valid cell address in MS Excel?

(A) CB$12                            (B) Sheet21C74

(C) Sheet1, BA74                (D) $DB$21

Ans. (C)

110. What is the MS Excel built-in function to find the 4th largest value from a given range?

(A) MAX ()                                            (B) LARGE ()

(C) GREATEST ()                                (D) LARGEST ()

Ans. (B)

111. Which of the following is not a chart type?

(A) Volume Chart                                (B) Scatter Plot

(C) Area Chart                                     (D) Line Chart

Ans. (A)

112. What is the key combination that you need to press to enter an array formula in MS-Excel sheet?

(A) Alt+Shift+Enter                             (B) Ctrl+Shift+Enter

(C) Ctrl+Insert                                      (D) Ctrl+Alt+Enter

Ans. (B)

113. What is the MS Excel formula to count the number of cells having value greater than 40 in the range A1:A10?

(A) COUNT (A1:A10, > 40)

(B) COUNTIF (A1:A10, > 40)

(C) COUNT (A1:A10, “>40”)

(D) COUNTIF (A1:A10, “>40”)

Ans. (D)

114. What is the shortcut key in MS Word to center align a paragraph?

(A) Ctrl+J                               (B) Ctrl+E

(C) Ctrl+R                             (D) Ctrl+C

Ans. (B)

115. How will you insert the special character “Å” in MS Word document?

(A) Ctrl+Shift+@A              (B) Ctrl+Shift+: A

(C) Ctrl+Shift+ 0 A              (D) Ctrl+Shift+& A

Ans. (A)

116. What is the keyboard shortcut to insert the greek letter “” in MS Word document?

(A) Ctrl+Shift+@ a              (B) Ctrl+Shift+: a

(C) Ctrl+Shift+ A a              (D) Ctrl+Shift+ Q a

Ans. (D)

117. What are the four types in which various animation effects in MS PowerPoint are organized?

(A) Entrance, Effect, Timing, Exit

(B) Entrance, Tween, Motion, Paths, exit

(C) Entrance, Emphasis, Motion, Paths, exit

(D) Entrance, Tween, Timing, Exit

Ans. (C)

118. What is the shortcut key to start PowerPoint presentation from the current slide?

(A) Alt+F5                             (B) Shift+F5

(C) F5                                     (D) Ctrl+F5

Ans. (B)

119. What is the well known TCP port number for HTTP server?

(A) 80                                     (B) 107

(C) 24                                     (D) 1023

Ans. (A)

120. What is the application layer protocol used by WWW?

(A) HTTP                              (B) UDP

(C) TELNET                         (D) TCP/IP

Ans. (A)

121. In which field of information technology, Leonard Kleinrock has a significant contribution?

(A) Programming Languages

(B) Internet

(C) Artificial Intelligence

(D) Microprocessor

Ans. (B)

122. If a modem transmits at 56 kbps, then how many bytes will it transmit in one second?

(A) 57344                              (B) 7000

(C) 7168                                (D) 56000

Ans. (B)

123. How many full duplex links are required to connect 5 nodes in a fully connected mesh topology?

(A) 10                                     (B) 20

(C) 5                                       (D) 15

Ans. (A)

124. Which of the following is a Layer-3 networking device?

(A) Router                             (B) Repeater

(C) Switch                             (D) Hub

Ans. (A)

125. Which of the following is the correct pairing of data units and TCP/IP layers?

(A) Application layer -> Message, Network layer -> Datagram, Data link Layer -> Frame

(B) Application layer -> Packet, Network layer -> Fragment, Data link Layer -> Frame

(C) Application layer -> Segment, Network layer -> Message, Data link Layer -> Packet

(D) Application layer -> Datagram, Network layer -> Frame, Data link Layer -> Message

Ans. (A)

126. What is the name of the protocol used for mapping an IP address to the corresponding link-layer address?

(A) DNS                 (B) ARP

(C) SNMP                              (D) SMTP

Ans. (B)

127. The number of differences between corresponding bits of two words is known as

(A) Parity                               (B) Hamming distance

(C) Syndrome                       (D) Euclidean distance

Ans. (B)

128. What is the full form of CSMA/CD?

(A) Carrier Sense Medium Access with Collision Detection

(B) Carrier Sense Medium Access with Connection Detection

(C) Collision Sense Medium Access with Carrier Detection

(D) Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

Ans. (D)

129. The hidden station problem is observed in _____ networks.

(A) Ethernet                          (B) Wireless

(C) Co-axial                          (D) Optical fibre

Ans. (B)

130. The process of transforming an active call or data session from one cell in a cellular network to another  is called _______.

(A) roaming                          (B) call migration

(C) cell switching  (D) handoff

Ans. (D)

131. A GPS device determines its location on the Earth based on the data from the satellites?

(A) LTE                                 (B) signal strength

(C) total internal reflection                (D) trialteration

Ans. (D)

132. What are the first three bits in a class ‘C’ IP address?

(A) 110                                  (B) 111

(C) 011                                  (D) 001

Ans. (A)

133. Which of the following is not a necessary condition for a deadlock to occur?

(A) Linear Wait                    (B) No Pre-emption

(C) Mutual Exclusion         (D) Hold and wait

Ans. (A)

134. Which of the following CPU scheduling algorithms have the largest number of context switches in general?

(A) Shortest remaining time first

(B) First come first serve

(C) Shortest job first

(D) Round robin

Ans. (D)

135. A _______ is a code segment in which the process may be accessing and updating data that is shared with at least one other process.

(A) semaphore                     (B) deadlock

(C) mutex                              (D) critical section

Ans. (D)

136. The paging scheme of memory allocation may cause

(A) external fragmentation

(B) cache miss

(C) page faults

(D) internal fragmentation

Ans. (D)

137. Which feature of Windows 10 allows the user to quickly minimize all open windows except the active one?

(A) Shake                              (B) Show Desktop

(C) Peek                                 (D) Snap

Ans. (A)

138. Which utility in Windows 10 is used to capture a screen shot and save it as a graphics file?

(A) Sticky Notes                   (B) Twitch

(C) Cortana                          (D) Snip & Sketch

Ans. (D)

139. Which of the following is a low level programming language?

(A) Assembly Language                     (B) Java

(C) C++                                                  (D) Python

Ans. (A)

140. The process of locating and correcting the semantic errors in a software is called

(A) coding                             (B) scaffolding

(C) debugging                       (D) compiling

Ans. (C)

141. Which of the following is an interpreted programming language?

(A) C                                      (B) Pascal

(C) Python                            (D) C++

Ans. (C)

142. What will be the output of the following code in a ‘C’ program?

printf(“%,5s”, “Hello World”);

(A) World                              (B) Hello

(C) Hello World    (D) Syntax Error

Ans. (B)

143. What will be the output of the following code segment in a ‘C’ program if the user enters 057 as input?

int a;

scanf(“%i”, &a);

printf(“%d\n”, a);

(A) 57                                     (B) 87

(C) 107                                  (D) 47

Ans. (D)

144. Which of the following is not a valid data type in ‘C’ programming language?

(A) unsigned long int                           (B) unsigned char

(C) unsigned double                            (D) unsigned int

Ans. (C)

145. What wiil be the output of the following code segment in a ‘C’ program?

for(i=1; i<=10; i++)



                if (i=5) break;


printf(“%d”, sum);

(A) 15                     (B) 10

(C) 1                       (D) 5

Ans. (C)

146. What will be the output of the following code segment in a ‘C’ program?

#define x 5+3

#define y 4+3

int main () {

                int z = x*y;

                printf(“%d”, z);

                return 0;


(A) 56                                     (B) 44

(C) 20                                     (D) 64

Ans. (C)

147. Which of the following operators in ‘C’ operator is called dereferencing operator?

(A) *                                       (B) ^

(C) &                                      (D) ?

Ans. (A)

148. In C++, the _____ class members can be accessed using class_name : : member_name without the need of creating the class objects?

(A) static                                (B) public

(C) friend                               (D) protected

Ans. (A)

149. In C++, a _____ function is a function that is not a member of a class but can access all the members of the class?

(A) friend                               (B) static

(C) recursive                         (D) public

Ans. (A)

150. In C++, a  _____ is special member function of a class having name beginning with a tilde(~) character followed by the name of the class.

(A) constructor                     (B) operator function

(C) finalizer                           (D) destructor

Ans. (D)

151. Which of the following is not a correct statement about Java language?

(A) Java is a high level programming language

(B) Java does not support multiple inheritance of classes.

(C) Java compiler generates byte code.

(D) Java supports the concept of pointers

Ans. (D)

152. Which of the following characters cannot be used in a file name in Microsoft Windows?

(A) – (Hypen)                       (B) _ (Underscore)

(C)  Space                             (D) ? (Question Mark)

Ans. (D)

153. Which of the following is an email client software application?

(A) Mozilla Firefox              (B) Microsoft Access

(C) Filezilla                            (D) Microsoft Outlook

Ans. (D)

154. What is the resolution of a full HD monitor?

(A) 800 X 600                      (B) 1280 X 720

(C) 2048 X 4096                  (D) 1920 X 1080

Ans. (D)

155. What is the wrapper class for primitive data type ‘int’ in Java?

(A) Number                           (B) Num

(C) Int                                    (D) Integer

Ans. (D)

156.Which of the following arithmetic operation may throw an Arithmetic Exception in Java?

(A) subtraction                     (B) addition

(C) division                           (D) multiplicatin

Ans. (C)

157. Assume that in a Java program, there are three variables a, b and c with data types short, int and long respectively. Which of the following assignments will produce a syntax error?

(A) b = a;                               (B) a = c;

(C) c = a;                               (D) c = b;

Ans. (B)

158. A _____ is a malware that can replicate itself without execution of infected files or any human intervention.

(A) virus                 (B) trojan

(C) cookie                             (D) worm

Ans. (D)

159. Which of he following is the correct syntax to derive a new class ‘Y’ from an existing class ‘X’ in  Java?

(A) class Y implements X{}

(B) class Y : X { }

(C) class Y extends X {}

(D) class Y derives X { }

Ans. (C)

160. Which of the following is an output manipulator in C++?

(A) ostream                           (B) endl

(C) iostream                          (D) cout

Ans. (B)

161. Which of the following commands in Linux is used to rename a file?

(A) ren                                    (B) remane

(C) mv                                   (D) rem

Ans. (C)

162. In C++, which of the following is the correct declaration of a member function in a class ‘x’ to overload the ‘+’ operator?

(A) x operator + (const X &a);

(B) x overload + (const X &a, const X &b);

(C) x overload + (const X &a);

(D) x operator + (const X &a, const &b);

Ans. (A)

163. What does the acronym GPL mean in free software world?

(A) GNU Protection License

(B) GNU Personal License

(C) GNU Programming License

(D) GNU Public License

Ans. (D)

164. Which of the following SQL statements is used to add a new column in a table?

(A) CHANGE TABLE                        (B) ALTER TABLE


Ans. (B)

165. What is the restriction on the use of “continue” statement in ‘C’ program?

(A) It can be used inside switch … case only

(B) It can be used anywhere within a program.

(C) It can be used inside loops only

(D) It can be used inside if statement only.

Ans. (C)

166. The ‘Scanner’ class used to get input from the user is defined in the _________ standard Java package?

(A) Java.lang                        (B) java.awt

(C) java.util                          (D) java.io

Ans. (C)

167. Which of the following programming languages is not object-oriented?

(A) Java                                 (B) C++

(C) C                                      (D) C#

Ans. (C)

168. Which of the following network protocols is an application layer protocol?

(A) IP                                     (B) UDP

(C) TCP                                 (D) HTTP

Ans. (D)

169. In MS-Excel, if cell A1 contains the value 50 and cell A2 contains the value 10%, then what will be the value of the formula “=A1+A2”?

(A) 55                                     (B) 50.5

(C) 50.1                                 (D) 60

Ans. (C)

170. Which of the following programming language is used to create macros in MS-Excel?

(A) Javascript                       (B) Java

(C) Ada                                  (D) VBA

Ans. (D)


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